Matthew Syed

Matthew Syed

Author and Psychologist

‘How can we be high performers in a complex world?’

Session Overview

As the world changes, there is one constant truth: only those who adapt can survive. Agility, and a willingness to innovate, are not just useful extras, but central to growth.

The great institutions and successful individuals are adaptive for a simple reason: they realise that in a complex world, they don’t already have all the answers. They are therefore not threatened by information about their weaknesses. Indeed, they actively look for them, confronting their biases and recognising the benefits that come from cognitive diversity in process.

The right psychology is the starting point for agility, adaptability, innovation and continuous improvement which are so fundamental to our future. We need to move away from self-justification and status quo bias if we are to lead in a competitive market.

Using compelling examples from healthcare, aviation, business, education, sport and the criminal justice system, Matthew Syed will highlight how to implement a growth culture underpinned by diversity of thought and he will lay out the impact that this has on driving performance – both at an individual level and at an organisational level.

Speaker's biography

Matthew Syed is one of the world’s most influential thinkers in the field of high performance and cultural change. Through his work, he explores a thought-provoking approach to high performance in the context of a complex and fast-changing world, drawing on case studies and real-world examples across sport, business, education and politics.

Matthew has worked with some of the world’s leading organisations to build a mindset of continuous improvement. His cutting-edge thought leadership programme and digital learning tools are becoming a catalyst for real and lasting change within business and the public sector. Matthew also works closely with schools and educational bodies to help improve mindsets in teachers, education leaders and young people.

Formerly England’s table tennis number one for almost a decade, Matthew is now a multi-award-winning journalist for The Times, an acclaimed speaker, and a regular contributor to radio and television. He co-founded the Greenshaw Learning Trust and Greenhouse Sports, and is an ambassador for the PiXL Educational Foundation. He is also the author of five bestselling books on the subject of mindset and high performance: Bounce, Black Box Thinking, The Greatest and children’s books, You Are Awesome and The You Are Awesome Journal.