Janhavi Dadarkar

Janhavi Dadarkar

CEO & Founder


Do androids dream of ‘white’ electric sheep?

Session Overview

Ethical technology is a minefield, not least because humanity needs to define what is ethical. However, it’s not just a definitional issue. Both recent and distant history has repeatedly demonstrated that humans themselves are inhumane or amoral in their thinking. So, what can we realistically hope of technology?

Using real and interactive examples, Janhavi will pose questions to help us explore how:

  • technology compares to humans when it comes to overcoming cognitive biases; and
  • we can learn from our own human flaws to ensure the future of technology is the best of humanity.

Speaker's biography

Janhavi Dadarkar is the Founder and CEO of Maiora a Governance, Strategy and Risk mitigation boutique, Chair of Adaptive, a FinTech specialising in real-time trading, Corporate governance adviser to a pan-african private-equity firm and the Programme Lead for the Institute of Directors on their flagship governance offering.

Having spent the first part of her career as a Corporate & Media lawyer in the City advising on complex international and specialised transactions, Janhavi now works globally with boards, enterprising business leaders, government bodies and not-for profit organisations in achieving their desired goals through better governance that is ethical or in her words ‘dharmic’.

Her broad and varied expertise coupled with her commercial pragmatism has led her to be the preferred advisor and trainer for well-known multinationals. Janhavi’s passion, despite her legal background, is about challenging concepts of mere compliance and elevating boards and leaders through a change in their mindsets.