Anne Scoular

Anne Scoular


Meyler Campbell

Humanity and Technology – Four Perspectives: As technology rises up around us, so our humanity has to rise to match

Session Overview

As technology rises up around us, so our humanity has to rise to match. How can we reduce our anxiety, and deepen and strengthen the capabilities that remain uniquely human? One answer is to power up our ability to coach. Traditional mentoring (or advising, or consulting) puts in information, skill, content; coaching pulls out the capabilities we have within. We all need both, but today’s organisations are awash with content: to right the balance we hence need to build our own and our organisations’ ability to coach. We describe how that is done with very senior leaders; its relationship to ego identity; and give three useful take-away tools: the 2×2 matrix; the ‘saltire diagram’; and using strengths inventories to reconnect with what is uniquely us.

Speaker's biography

Anne founded the London-based consultancy Meyler Campbell, which trains senior leaders from around the world to coach – a key skill for 21st century leadership. She was appointed a Visiting Scholar at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford (Oxford Saïd), in January 2018.

Author of the best-selling Financial Times Guide to Business Coaching, Anne was named in the Harvard Business Review as one of the five leading experts in the world on executive coaching. She is a Founding Fellow of the Harvard Institute of Coaching (ICPA) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (FRSM).

Originally a diplomat and an international banker, Anne worked on the management of change projects in Asia, North America and the UK. She worked with individuals and teams in fast-growing companies and professional service firms, before retraining mid-career as a psychologist.

Anne’s current research interests include applying insight from psychology and neuroscience to leadership development; the deep processes underlying the change that occurs in coaching; and the very fast-moving field of female leadership. She is also an award-winning writer on medieval history.